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Why You Need a Reliable Boiler

Winter is coming, and so would issues with your boilers. It doesn’t matter who you bought the boiler from or how good a brand is, problems are likely to arise.

As with other mechanical or semi-mechanical equipment, boilers need regular tune-ups too. It is a wise decision to schedule regular boiler maintenance with a reliable company. Doing so would save you a lot of time and money as well as hassles of contacting a random technician when you face an issue.

Here at Aire One, we value your time and appreciate your trust in us. Our skilled team works their level best to complete the service and repair as soon as possible, while never compromising on the quality.

Contact us to find out about pricing, available models and the type of installation that is right for your home.

Boiler Tips

During an inspection, the technician will check your boilers for wear, tear or leaks. The pipes and joints should be checked, and if any signs of leaks, holes, or cracks are discovered, they should be promptly fixed. Not doing so may lead to low water pressure, which can be further caused due to blockage in the pipes.

Further, you should review your boiler’s water levels. When the water level falls too low, a lot of electricity is spent, and the boiler itself could face damages. Try to ensure that the water level of the boiler is well maintained at all times to avoid damages. Problems like pipe blockage, malfunctioning thermostat, frozen pipes, low pressure, among many others cannot be handled on your own. It is not advisable to take the risk of opening out the parts of the boiler to repair them on your own. This may be risky and can cause injuries. You should consult a technician to get such issues fixed.

Also, boilers maintenance is regularly needed, restricting to at least once a year. Without it, there is a large possibility that the boiler may malfunction, and a full-functioning boiler is integral to a home. Regular boiler maintenance can also boost its life, and save you some coins in the process.


  • High Efficiency Boiler System, 95% AFUE
  • Low Loss Header Included 
  • Stainless Steel Fire Tube Boiler
  • Max input: 190,000 BTU/H 


  • High Efficiency Boiler System, 90% AFUE
  • Cast-aluminum heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Less Water Pressure Drop
  • Energy Efficient


  • Superb Condensing Efficiency
  • Stainless steel Components
  • Eco-friendly, Premixed Burner
  • Leak Detector
  • Automatic Water Filling System
  • Powerful Anti-Freeze Feature
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