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Air Conditioning Installation Throughout the GTA from Aire One

Wanna Be Cool? Get an Air Conditioning System in GTA from Aire One

At Aire One, we want you to be comfortable all year round. Cooling your home shouldn’t be an expensive proposition. When you choose our team for a new air conditioner we always take a need-based approach to ensure that you get the right air conditioning system for your home. Even better, we offer all of our customers a free, in-home assessment so you can fully explore your options without any commitment.

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Undeniable comfort during hot seasons

Because fresh air, is not only about temperature

Comfort during hot summer days, specially during the night, is essential for your family, and anyone’s good night sleep. At Aire One, we truly understand this, and also know that this comfort, can become an expensive feature to have, if not properly chosen, installed, and maintained. Our selection of Air Conditioners are the most reliable, performing units in the market. We take pride in knowing our systems in and out, and helping you choose the right one for you.


Heat Pumps

Efficient, two-in-one systems

Heat pumps are a very good choice if you want an all-rounded solution for both, heating and cooling, your home or office. Heat pumps have the ability to move heat energy from one environment to another, and in either direction. This allows the heat pump to bring heat into an occupied space, and take it out. The key component that makes a heat pump different from an air conditioner, is the reversing valve. The reversing valve allows for the flow direction of the refrigerant to be changed. Space is the greatest savings, among with the convenience of maintenance bills, since the unit provides both heating and cooling. We carry what we think are the best choices of heat pumps in the market. If you are unsure a heat-pump is right for you, or which heat-pump you need, you can contact us to help you in your choice.


Ductless Split Systems

A quiet solution for cooling and heating your home

The popular Mr. Slim ductless air conditioner systems can be easily installed for your home, office, computer rooms, etc. in a single, or multi-zone configuration.
- Wall Mounted MSZ-FD Models (i-see Sensor), high performance up to 23 SEER
- Wall Mounted MS/ MSY Models, perfect for small and medium size homes
- Wall Mounted MXZ Models (Cooling & Heating), multi split heat pump.

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